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Why are we drawn to the beach?  The beauty, serenity, salt air and vastness all come to mind, or maybe it is where our bodies feel at even keel.  Could it be that the blood pulsating through our veins is oh so similar to the composition of seawater, rising and falling with the tides? Or as poet John Masefield so eloquently worded it, “I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide”.

The owner, Joanna Taylor, has lived in the Topsail Island, NC area for over 30 years and collected beach glass for decades.  She has spent many hours on the beaches swimming, kayaking, relaxing, walking, collecting shells, sharks teeth and beach glass.  Over the years she has used the beautiful glass found on these beaches in decorative vases, candle and plant arrangements and in gardens.  Because of the beauty and iridescent nature of each piece of beach glass, she decided to showcase this in jewelry and gifts to capture this beauty and let others experience the uniqueness each piece of beach glass has to offer.  Joanna loves the fact that each piece of glass has its own story and that Mother Nature has sculpted each piece to perfection to end up in IGG’s jewelry.

An avid beach lover, Joanna has lived other places in the United States such as Utah, New Hampshire and NYC for short periods of time, but she could never stay away from Topsail Island for very long and would soon return.  She considers herself an island girl and loves everything about beach life.  Not only does Joanna collect beach glass on her long walks on the beach, but she is always looking for that big sharks tooth and artifacts from old shipwrecks.  Recently she found part of an old shipwreck (article) that has been locally documented and finds it fascinating what other shipwrecks could be out there waiting to be discovered.  Joanna also picks up trash on the local beaches on her walks to help keep the ocean beautiful and the creatures that live in the ocean happy.  Whether you are a coastal native or visitor, Island Girl Glass beach glass jewelry and gifts will remind you of the ocean - Enjoy!

Joanna accepted an opportunity on the island of St Croix, USVI in 2013 and lived there for a year and a half and has added the unique beach glass colors of St Croix to her Destinations collection.  Joanna moved back to the Topsail area in 2015 and continues to use the beautiful beach glass she finds at Topsail Island in IGG beach glass jewelry and gifts.

What Does Beach Glass Mean To You? Drop IGG a line and share your story…..

“Walking the beaches of Topsail has long been a way for me to relieve stress during challenging times. Collecting beach glass along the way became somewhat of a passion. We have large containers filled with the broken bits, all colors, sizes and shapes, their sharp edges and colors smoothed and frosted by the ocean. One particular piece of non-descript glass became somewhat of a talisman. I kept it in my pocket and would find myself reaching for it, turning it between my fingers, rubbing the smooth surface. During a particularly trying time for my husband, I handed him the piece of glass. I asked him to hold it whenever the events of the day became too weighty and to think of me and our life together here on Topsail. He carried it for a number of months. Finally, when the matter had been settled, he handed the glass back to me, saying that there were days when just the feel of the glass was enough to remind him of my absolute faith and belief in him. Best piece of glass I ever picked up.” 
~ Friend of Island Girl Glass ~

"I just gave my granddaughter who turned 21 last Friday, your wine charms. She was going to have her first glass of wine at a restaurant where we were celebrating her birthday. She said, Oh Grandmother, I just love these.   She received a couple of cute wine glasses as gifts, so just thought I would let you know they were a hit. I also visited Blue Moon gift shop the other day and saw your nice display." ~ M. Cheatham ~